Making a Good Optimal Health Care Even Better

Alright so we’re going to talk about  daily supplementation today very very important because for one I love this  Ayurveda proverb when diet is wrong medicine is of no use when diet is  correct  medicine is of no need now.

optimal health care

How to Outsmart Your Peers on Optimal Health Care

This other  quote I really like is from optimal health care Hippocrates  the father of Medicine he says let food  be the medicine and medicine be the food  so he had it right and you know when  every doctor has.

A graduation they do  the Hippocratic oath you know and and  this is about Hippocrates who says  medicine should be food and so that’s  what we’re going to talk about today  because.

The problem with the food optimal health care now is  that our soils are becoming very very depleted we don’t it’s not like it as it  once was  for example with the soil depleted you  have these.

The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Optimal Health Care

This conventional farming  going on using a radical amount of  chemical fertilizers pesticides which  definitely depletes our soils now that  depleted soil our plants need.

Those  nutrients in our soils to optimal health care  transfer to  our bodies so with the soil is being so  depleted this actually creates the need  to actually have some supplementation  going on and that’s what.

we’re going to  talk about because the foods now are so  less dense and as an example let’s take  an apple from the s and an apple  from  if you’re comparing the  mineral content one Apple from the s  to get the same amount of minerals and  nutrients you.

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