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The Witch declares she will find Jack and sacrificehim to the Giant, and the Baker and his Wife decide they must find him first and splitup to search. The Baker’s Wife meets Cinderella’s Prince, and he easily seduces the Wife.

Meanwhile,the Baker discovers Cinderella at her mother’s destroyed grave and convinces her to jointheir group for safety.

The Prince, satisfied, leaves the Baker’s Wife with a few platitudes,and she realizes her error and decides to return to her happy life with the Baker andtheir son.

And ran for performances under the direction of James Lapine. Many of theperformers from that production appeared in the Broadway cast but John Cunningham, whoplayed the Narrator, Wolf and Steward and George Coe, as the Mysterious Man and Cinderella’sFather were replaced by Tom Aldredge, who played the Narrator and Mysterious Man.

KennethMarshall as Cinderella’s Prince was replaced by Robert Westenberg, LuAnne Ponce, who playedLittle Red Ridinghood, was replaced by Danielle Ferland, Ellen Foley, the Witch, was replacedby Bernadette Peters. Kay McClelland, who played both Rapunzel and the Stepsister Florinda,stayed with the cast but only played Florinda, Rapunzel being played by Pamela Winslow.The musical opened on Broadway at the Martin Beck Theatre on November , , and closedon September , after performances.

It starred Bernadette Peters, Joanna Gleason,Chip Zien, Kim Crosby, Ben Wright, Danielle Ferland, Chuck Wagner, Merle Louise, Tom Aldredge,and Robert Westenberg. The musical was directed by James Lapine, with musical staging by LarLubovitch, settings by Tony Straiges, lighting by Richard Nelson, and costumes by Ann Hould-Ward.

The original production won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and the DramaDesk Award for Best Musical, and the original cast recording won a Grammy Award. The showwas nominated for ten Tony Awards, and won three Best Score, Best Book and Best Actressin a Musical.

Peters left the show after almost five monthsdue to a prior commitment to film the movie Slaves of New York. The Witch was then playedby Betsy Joslyn;Phylicia Rashād; Betsy Joslyn; Nancy Dussault; and Ellen Foley.Other cast replacements included Dick Cavett as the Narrator, Edmund Lyndeck.

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